Our Story

The Missing INgredient

The Farmacy Initiative is born of our 22 year old for-profit parent company, Compound Solutions, which has been delivering on the tagline “Ingredients to Maximize Human Potential” for many years. It is quite literal because Compound Solutions supplies unique, science-based ingredients that positively impact human potential, physically and cognitively.

When you really break it down, though, the “ingredients” that maximize human potential go far beyond these functional compounds.

The Farmacy Initiative was established to supply a different kind of ingredient—one that is essential to healthy and thriving communities. Our vision is to give every child the opportunity to eat organic vegetables. That is the missing ingredient.

We have other bold aspirations as well:

  • To re-connect humans to the earth.
  • To reverse the diabetes epidemic.
  • To resolve methane on cattle ranches.
  • To resolve water and food waste.

And the list goes on…


“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.”

-Thomas Edison

We are inspired by those who have been working on this revolution long before us . . .
  • Ron Finley, The Gangsta Gardener
  • Hunger Notes
  • Food Empowerment Program
  • Everytable
  • Thrive NC, Rev. Richard Joyner
  • Farm Express
  • 412 Rescue
  • Imperfect Produce
  • Fresh Works
  • Daily Table
  • Growing a Home
  • Detroit Hives
  • Sow Much Good
  • O Grows

We are a small, but mighty group driven by values and the urgency of our resource-depleted earth and sick citizens. The Farmacy Initiative non-profit organization is structured to grow aggressively and we invite you to be a part of it.